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As communication in this country is getting ever harder, supplying reliable products at competitive rates is forcing companies to strive to improve their delivery service and reduce their costs enabling the vast majority of South Africans to have some sort of elecommunication at their disposal.

One such company Vodacom, has come up with a product to bridge a number of issues pertaining to cell phone signals and high cost of cell phone usage.

Enter the Huawei 3125i portal phone.

Here is a product that has an external antenna enabling a 60% better signal strength than any other cell phone on the market. The advantage of that is it will get a signal in most areas where cell phone is poor or non-existent.

Running cost of only 90c/p min gives this product the cheapest call rate in the country, coupled with an added bonus is there is no long term monthly contracts. This pay as you go system gives customers piece of mind knowing they can top up there airtime when its suits them.

Portability makes this phone even more useful. The fact that one can charge it over a 2 hour period and have a battery usage time of 3-4 days, receiving calls on the move using the hands free feature will enable many clients such as farmers or farm labourers, reps, business Men and Women to take calls while concentrating on driving without picking up the handset.

SMS’s is a feature all GSM phones have and this product is no exception.

We all know that SMS’s are sent from one phone to another, this has allowed many customers to reduce the phone costs even further, what most people forget is that this feature also enables communication where signal strength is really bad or non- existent and regular phone calls cannot be made. 90% of SMS’s can be sent where phone calls cannot.
With a list of other features it makes it a very good choice to have in ones business or at ones home.

Comparative rates
The following information is to show you how we compare in the market. all rates are per min rates

Cell to Cell 1.10 – 1.45 depending on contract Call-ezy 90c
Cell to Telkom 1.60 - 2.80 depending on one’s contract Call-ezy 90c
Telkom to Cell 1.40 – 2.80 depending on one’s contract Call-ezy 90c
Telkom local calls .45 -.55c calling to same town or city Call-ezy 90c
Telkom national call 1.20 – 1.85 calling to different towns or cities Call-ezy 90c

NB! Telkom has a monthly line rental of +- R140 – R160 depending from different exchange to another
Pricing of this unit is far less than most people can expect to pay. As a once off purchase of the handset it has allowed us to keep the price below the thousand rand mark making it affordable to most consumers.

Huawei phone unit purchase price R 950.00 each

After sales service
This product has the full backing of Vodacom SA, should there be any technical problems. The unit can be taken to your local Vodacare shop anywhere in the country. All repairs are done on a no charge basis providing the phone is still under the 6 month  warranty.

We trust the information given will help you to make an informed decision as to buying this product.
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