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Why VirtualNet

Like any other service provider, VirtualNet offer Internet services to any individual or business that requires to be connected to the Internet. From service provider to service provider there is no difference in the service offered as we all will get you connected to the net; however is the quality of service delivered to a customer questionable.

To define quality of service, it does not stop at the actual service rendered but includes the relationship with the customer and the quality of support that compliments the actual service rendered. At VirtualNet we treat our customers as human beings on an individual level and not just as another account number which adds profit to the company’s bottom line. As an individual or company, we understand that each situation is unique and so are the needs of each customer. VirtualNet provide services to our customers based on their needs and advice customers to invest in services that not only satisfy the need but also your budget.

Service delivery:

A few facts based on the Internet services VirtualNet delivers.

  • We’ve been providing Internet services since 1994.
  • 99% uptime as our service was never down for more than an hour for upgrades or updates.
  • Services are delivered across the whole of South Africa and in some cases abroad.
  • We do not throttle your internet speed.
  • All our DSL services work on any Telkom line no matter how you would upgrade or downgrade your Telkom line. i.e. 1Mbps, 2Mbps, 4Mbps and so on.
  • VirtualNet access service only provides you with access to the Internet and the bandwidth you need.
  • VirtualNet does not determine the speed and performance of your Internet on capped services.
  • The line speed and quality of the line will determine the line speed and performance of your Internet connection.
  • No limitations to Internet resources and do we not block any access or service on the Internet.
  • VirtualNet takes control of your line and if you have any problems with your line, we will take care of it. No more long holds on your phone for support, but speedy friendly direct service from VirtualNet will get your problem solved.
  • 24 Hour customer support 7 days a week.

Services rendered:

  • Access services including DSL, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G LTE & V-Sat
  • DSL Line rental
  • Web hosting and server hosting
  • Web developing
  • Domain registration
  • Email
  • Fax-to-Mail and Mail-to-Fax
  • Web SMS
  • VPN
  • Built in remote access
  • Static IP's
  • Advisory services
  • Onsite support and installation
  • Network planning, installation and implementation

Why choose VirtualNet:

  1. Comprehensive Internet services delivered from one place.
  2. One-on-one communication and support to customers.
  3. Cost efficient services to for fill individual needs.
  4. No bounding contracts.
  5. No small print and let to belief.
  6. Exhalent customer service.
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