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Here is a super-fast, 24-hour available way to send and receive faxes

Fax In

You receive a unique 086 xxx xxxx or 087 xxx xxxx number which is assigned to your email address. The incoming fax service is Free with no contract. Your fax gets delivered as an email with a PDF attachment (or TIFF if so required). The fax number is able to receive International faxes from about 60 major countries.

Get your FREE Fax number right here, right now.


Web Fax Utility

Send Email – Please note that you need a Prefix Fax-Out account in order to send a fax. You can also see the status of your fax as well as send a fax from the Web Utility:


Fax Out

You also receive details for your own profile allowing you to logon to the dashboard and manage your faxes etc. You have also the facility to set the fax subject via the email notification.

- 12 month contract 
- No setup fee! 
- R35 per user per month minimum fee 
- Billed in arrears for Fax usage (sending only) 
- Rates: 70 cents for 1st minute
- 0.35c per 30 sec. thereafter including part thereof 
- Send multiple attachments


> No paper wasting on unwanted faxes.
> Save on toner or ink cartridges.
> 24 hour ready to receive faxes.
> No lightning damage to online equipment.
> No expensive fax machines.
> Receive all your faxes in your Inbox.
> Send faxes via your mail client



The VirtualFax “email2fax” solution allows the user to send a fax using normal email. The procedure is as follows:

1. Open up Email Client such as Outlook Express etc.
2. Create a new email.
3. In the “To” field enter the following address: <FAXNUMBER>

Note the following

The <FAXNUMBER> must have the area code and fax number as one with no gaps! For example:

In the “Subject” field enter “Cover Sheet” notes

In the “body” of the email enter information that will be faxed as a separate page – please note that any signature will be faxed as a separate page!

Attach files as normal with the following format:

PDF or Word

Excel (please be aware that the “print” area needs to be set in Excel otherwise the fax server will send a lot of empty pages! Select File, Print Area, and Set Print area in Excel. Select the required area and save the Excel file.

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