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Register your own www address

By registering a domain is like registering a company as a Closed Corporation (cc) or Privet Company (PTY (Ltd)) online. You become the owner of that domain and it represents your company online on the World Wide Web ( It forms the shop front of your business in the whole of the world from where you can provide and share information about your services and products no matter to your geographical location.

By registering your own domain will be a crucial step forward in your business as in this day and age of information sharing, people wants to view your website to form an opinion about your company. It is a known fact that people do “judge a book by its cover” and therefore it is imperative in today’s age to present your company in the most attractive way possible. The internet is the only way to reach the masses in an inexpensive way and owning a domain with a website makes it so much more attractive.

Advantages of personalised email addresses

  • Establishes added credibility with your clients,
  • Gives your business a professional image,
  • Instantly recognised by your clients,
  • Have multiple email addresses for different departments in your business. e.g.
    • Accounts department -
    • Admin department -
    • General enquiries -
    • Your staff -
  • These are just a few advantages - there are too many more to list.

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Pricing Information

Domain registration for,, and are FREE to register with the signing of a 12 month hosting contract. Thereafter an annual renewal fee of R175.00 per annum will apply. Standard registration will be R175.00 once off with an annual renewal fee of R175.00 per annum with no contract. Domain registration .com, .net and other international domains is quoted in US Dollar

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